RMC Kingston 2021

Conference Information

The Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) is pleased to host the Virtual ISMS Annual Conference 2021. Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions caused by it, RMC will follow the example of Finland's National Defence University last year, and use a virtual platform for the conference.

The theme of the conference is "Progress in Military Sciences for Resilience and Cohesion in the Face of New Forms of Disruption". With the theme, we encourage the authors and other participants of the conference to consider the response of military sciences to new disruptions of pandemic, climate change, population movement, and challenges to our national narratives.

Key Dates

  • From 15 September, working groups (registered authors and attendees) have offline (asynchronous) phase in virtual meeting rooms ("Forums") led by WG Chairs. Participants can view abstracts, give comments, ask questions, and contribute in each working group.
  • 11-13 October, there will be an online virtual conference (registered authors and attendees) including plenary sessions on a video teleconferencing platform (PheedLoop), parallel working group sessions in virtual meeting rooms, and social meeting forums. 
  • 14 October, there will be Business meetings. 

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Climate change as a (new?) form of disruption

by Admin User -

Pandemic, social disorder, and climate will be some of the new forms of disruption our October conference is expected to address. This 45-minute podcast opens the door to some of the questions.

Audio: Defence Deconstructed: Climate Change and the Future of the Canadian Armed Forces- Erin Sikorsky, LGen (ret’d) Mike Day, and MGen S.R. Kelsey

(D. Perry, CGAI: soundcloud.com)

Discussion threads are now open

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Two discussion forums have been opened - for the ISMS2021 conference, and for other matters relevant to participants.

Available forums

Please use this forum to ask general questions about the conference and the working groups. 

The War Studies Working Group addresses war and violent conflict in all its aspects as the central business of the profession of arms. 

Military History addresses the history of warfare and military practice, including matters related to strategy, operational planning, tactical doctrine, the art of war, military operations, doctrinal subjects, military institutions, innovation in the past. 

This working group seeks to raise awareness about open-source developments in military science and technology of broad interest to our institutional members.

This multidisciplinary, international, networking group aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of military leadership-related issues, particularly those contextualized in crisis management environments.

This working group seeks jurists, philosophers and practicing military lawyers who have an interest in contemporary military operations and their legal aspects. 

This working group encompasses the full range of activities undertaken by states to drive strategy and addresses mainly the national security and governmental policy aspects of security.

This working group looks inside armed forces as social organizations and outside them to their relationships with society, including civil-military controls.

This working group brings the tools of management science and economics to bear on the problems of armed forces and the pursuit of security.

This multidisciplinary working group draws on any field relevant to higher education and professional development to look inwards at military education institutions and outwards to their place in society. 

The Strategy Working Group seeks to enable the development and the teaching of strategies appropriate to small democratic countries. 

This site is open to registered specialists working with military science research centres, military libraries, and military-academic professional journals. If you need access to this site, please contact info@isofms.org

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This is the forum for sharing conference planning notes, initiated by the RMC conference committee in July 2021.

This site is open to all working group chairs. If you need access to this site, please contact info@isofms.org

This site is available for work by Council members and those designated to work on their behalf.